This website resulted from the research project named “Paris na América”: Website and database of French novels from Grêmio Literário Português do Pará, sponsored by CNPq (National Counsel of Technological and Scientific Development). It is geared towards offering a bibliographical database of French prose fiction collections published during the nineteenth century and still available at the library of Grêmio Literário e Recreativo Português do Pará, a reading room founded in 1867, in Belém (Pará – Brazil).


A segment of the website’s name is a tribute paid to the store named “Paris na América”, established in Belém, and whose products symbolized the luxe and refinement of the French capital at the time. Besides the attractive clothes and hats, hundreds of French novels also embarked in English vessels and sailed around the European coast to finally arrive in the heart of Amazon to the shelves of a reading room founded by the Portuguese.

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